Best Dog Food Blog Reviews Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food

Best Dog Food Blog Reviews Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog FoodWe at Best Dog Food (BDF) like the concept behind the Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food, as the company (Paul Newman’s Company) donates all the proceeds from sales to charity. Moreover, since this is an organic type of food, it doesn’t make use of artificial ingredients in its production.

BDF also found out that chicken, good grains, and vegetables are the main ingredients used in this dry food. Wheat and corn, which are said to be bad for dogs, are not included in its preparation. Pet owners are also satisfied with its quality as their beloved pets look better when placed in this diet.

Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food Reviews

“I am extremely pleased with this dog food. I feed this to my 11-year old German Shepherd, and my two- year old Pittie Girl, and the benefits are amazing.” – Linda Freitag,

“This diet has made my doggy duty so much easier. My dog never vomits anymore. And her poop is always firm, making it easy to clean up. All these things make it more enjoyable to be a dog-owner.” – D. Ricker,

 “This is a high quality dry food and my dog loves it. I also like that when I buy Newman’s Own, the royalties directly go to charities!” – Ambivalent Human,

Best Dog Food Reviews Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food

  • Formula – This is specifically made for adult dogs because of its protein and fat content.
  • Size – The package is a 12-pound bag.
  • Made in USA – This dog food is made by Paul Newman’s Company.
  • Main Ingredients – It uses chicken and brown rice as the main ingredients.
  • Natural – It doesn’t contain artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
  • No Filler – I doesn’t contain corn and wheat ingredients.
  • Standard – It meets the AAFCO standards.

Best Dog Food Checks the Price and Quality

You can expect to pay around $1.60 for every pound of this dry dog food. This is a premium quality product. And since it’s organic, it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients that can be harmful to our dog’s health.

Best Dog Food Looks at the Newman’s Own Organics Ingredients

Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food is made from natural chicken, brown rice, and vegetables.

Best Dog Food Looks at the Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food Ratings

Around 200 customers left positive feedback at the Amazon site. In fact, this particular brand of dog food has an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of a perfect 5. And most of the reviewers gave 5-star ratings.

Best Dog Food Checks on the Availability

You can get the Newman’s Own Organics brand of dog food at Amazon. Aside from the Regular Adult variety, you can also get the Advanced formula type. This is available in a 12-pound bag, but you can also opt for the 3-pack deal that contains 4-pound bags of dog food.


  • Easy on the stomach – Even dogs with digestive problems can eat this dog food.
  • Firm stools – It’s easy to clean up after the dogs.
  • Good cause – The proceeds from the sales of the Newman’s Own Organics go to charitable institutions.
  • Natural – It only uses natural and safe ingredients for our beloved pets.


  • Hard to find – Some customers are complaining that this brand of dog food is not being sold in retail stores and pet shops. However, that’s not really a problem as it can be purchased online.

Best Dog Food – Our Recommendation

The Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food is truly a premium product as it is made from high quality and natural ingredients. And because of that, it’s easy on the doggies’ tummies. All things considered, this reviewer really thinks that this brand of dog food is reasonably priced and it’s worth every penny. Browny’s Best Dog Food Blog highly recommends it as it will be good for your dogs and you will be helping charitable institutions as well.

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