Best Dog Food Blog Reviews Wellness Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs, CORE Original

Best Dog Food Blog Reviews Wellness Grain Free Dry Dog Food Best Dog Food (BDF) will now review a highly-rated dry food, the Wellness Grain-Free Core Original. This is a meat-based product, so it contains high protein and is considered to be of high quality as well. No by-products are used in its production, and there are no additives too.

Upon checking the customer reviews on the internet, BDF found that dog owners have good experiences with this brand of dry food. Dogs who eat this have brighter eyes, and their coats are shinier and softer as well. And the best part of all is that the dogs like its taste and find it delicious.

Wellness Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Reviews

“Since I switched to the Core, my dog no longer exhibits signs of the digestive and skin problems.” – S. Jurado,

“My dogs have all done well on this dry food. It’s the best-priced of all quality grain-free food that are out on the market as far as I know.” – keysgirl,

“My pet Boxers had very HORRIBLE gas while on other brands of dog food. I switched to this (Wellness CORE) and now there are no more gas problems. Their coats are also nice and soft and they are super energized too. Oh, and they seem to enjoy eating it!” – Susan,

Best Dog Food Reviews Wellness Core Dog Food

  • Grain-Free – It’s one hundred percent grain-free for easy digestion.
  • Formula – This type of dry dog food is made for adult dogs.
  • Size – It comes in a 26-pound bag.
  • Main Ingredients – It uses turkey and chicken meat.
  • Nutritious – Vegetables like broccoli, kale, parsley and spinach are added in for a natural source of vitamins and minerals.
  • No Unhealthy Ingredients – There’s no meat by-products in its composition, and there are no corn, wheat, soy and artificial additives too.

Best Dog Food Checks the Price and Quality

You will spend about $2.15 per pound on this dry food.  It’s a premium-quality product as it doesn’t contain grains and fillers.

Best Dog Food Looks at the Wellness Core Original Ingredients

It contains meat products sourced from fresh chicken and turkey. And there are some vegetable components too.

Best Dog Food Looks at the Wellness Core Original Dry Dog Food Ratings

The Wellness Core Original has a very impressive rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 at the Amazon site. Over a hundred and twenty customers have reviewed it, and a large percentage of the reviewers gave it 5 stars.

Best Dog Food Checks on the Availability

The Wellness Core variety is available in Original, Ocean, and Reduced Fat formula. Bags weighing 4, 12, and 26 pounds can all be purchased at Amazon.


  • It Tastes Good – Judging by how dogs enthusiastically eat it, it must be delicious.
  • Grain-Free – It doesn’t cause stomach problems.
  • High in Fiber – The stools are firm.
  • Company’s Reputation – Wellness is a well-known brand and it has a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing dog food.


  • Gas Issues – There were some reports of dogs experiencing gas problems, but such cases are isolated.

Best Dog Food – Our Recommendation

As Wellness Core is a grain-free type of dog food, it’s very easy on a dog’s stomach. And since its main ingredient is meat (from turkey and chicken), this is a high-protein food. There are also vegetable components that provide for a natural source of nutrients. According to dog owners, their canine friends are not suffering from weight issues and digestive problems since being put on this diet. Browny’s Best Dog Food Blog is greatly impressed with this dry food, and we’re recommending it to all breeds of adult dogs.

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Best Dog FoodWellness Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs, CORE

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