Tips to Choosing the Best Dog Food for Your Best Friend

We all love our dogs and that’s why we should always feed them with the best dog food. They’re our best friends and we want to make sure that they remain healthy and strong. This article will provide you with some tips on how to choose the best dog food for your favorite companion. We understand that with all the available brands and types of dog food on the market today, it can be challenging to pick the right kind of dog dog food blog

How to Choose the Best Dog Food

1. Consider your dog’s age and breed. Different dogs have different needs and food requirements. You should take the time to research on a particular kind of food so as to determine its overall effect on your dog.

2. Consider your dog’s situation. Does your dog have any particular problem? If your dog has coat problems, for example, make sure that you get the type of food that will not aggravate the condition even more.

3. Dog food with medication. If your dog is obese, has diarrhea problem or even cancer, there are certain recommendable dog food types on the market that will help in easing the condition.

4. Check out the ingredients. Read the product labels carefully. As much as possible, get those types of dog food that have natural ingredients. Avoid chemical ingredients as these can cause a lot of diseases including cancer.

5. Get meat-based dog food. As dogs are carnivorous in nature, meat will benefit them. Look for lamb, chicken, beef and fish based types of dog food. Rice ingredient is a good addition too as this is a natural source of protein.

6. Get vitamin-fortified dog food. Most dog food packs nowadays are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Those with vitamins E and C and calcium are particularly good.

7. Dry, wet or canned dog food. All these types of dog food have different benefits. Canned types of food are recommendable for dogs who are constantly constipated. Wet dog food types are good for hydration purposes as some dogs are not drinking as much water as they need to. And dry dog food types are not only convenient but they are inexpensive and nutritious too. Always keep these best dog food tips in mind when looking out to buy food products for your dogs.

8. Avoid Preservatives. The side effects of food preservatives can lead to certain diseases and even early death. You should avoid dog foods that have these ingredients: Ethoxyquin, Propyl Gallate, BHT and BHA.

9. Avoid ingredients that can cause allergies. Some dogs are sensitive to wheat, soy and corn. So take some precaution when purchasing dog food brands that contain said ingredients.

10. Buy only from trusted and reputable pet food manufacturers. Reputable dog food companies have high quality control standards. Moreover, they are well-equipped with machines and resources to conduct effective scientific research in the production of their dog food supplies.

Using Best Dog Food Tips Effectively

We hope that those tips will be of help to you when choosing the best dog food for your pet. As we all want our beloved dogs to be with us for a very long time, we should exert all efforts to keep them healthy and safe.

You can browse the rest of this best dog food blog for more tips, recommendations and product reviews of different brands and types of dog food. Aside from providing your best friend with the best dog food available on the market, you should also visit the vet regularly for check ups.


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lee January 5, 2012 at 4:01 pm

After spending a number of years researching firstly the effects human foods can have on dogs if fed regularly and then on so called dog treats from well known suppliers,I quickly realised that the best advice in most occasions was to STOP.
High fats, processed foods, sugars and additives were all a major concern to me. In long term forecasts we were seeing; pancreatitis, kidney and liver issues, diabetes and even more alarming some stomach cancers.
I started a business on line initially to create Organic, additive free treats and foods and immediately received positive feedback from clients and customers who were happy that finally there was somewhere they could go/speak to about their dog and their individual issues and illnesses. this site also has a lot of information on health and feeding your dogs too.


Anna April 3, 2012 at 6:01 pm

This is good advice. I wish more people would read the ingredient list on their dog food they buy for their dog. If they did I’m sure dogs would be healthier in this country! I totally agree about getting a meat-based food from a reputable dog food company, which is why I feed my dogs Alpha by Natural Balance. The first ingredient is chicken, there are no grains in it, and it’s a healthy food that must taste amazing because my dogs always gobble it right up!


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