Can I Feed My Dog Bacon?

Our readers ask us: can I feed my dog bacon? Here’s a very quick answer – No!

Bacon is a human food that’s not even good for humans. It’s definitely not good for our canine friends too. This type of food is delicious, yes, but it’s full of unhealthy ingredients.

Why Can’t I Give My Dog Bacon?

Can I Feed My Dog BaconJust by looking at the qualities of bacon, you can already tell that it’s greasy. And grease or saturated fat is not good for the body.

Bacon is high in fat and cholesterol, and those things can bring about a lot of health problems, especially heart problems

Bacon is a No-No

This type of food is also filled with preservatives which can poison the system. Again, this is true for both human and canine anatomy. Long term consumption of said substances can even lead to organ failure.

So, no – don’t give your dog bacon.

And if somebody asks you: Can I give my dog bacon? Please, just say no.

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