Can I Feed My Dog Bananas?

We all love eating bananas because this type of food is delicious and nutritious as well. So when some of our readers ask us: Can I feed my dog banana? We can happily answer: Yes!

Benefits of Eating a Banana

Bananas are popular for its potassium content which is good for treating cramps and blood pressure problems. But aside from that, it is full of vitamins too, like vitamins A, B and C. Its B-Complex content is also high enough to have positive effects on the nerves.

How Can I Give My Dog Bananas?

Can I Feed My Dog Bananas?Because of its delicious taste, you won’t find it hard to feed your dog bananas. You can give pieces of said fruit to your canine buddy as a treat when you yourself are eating it.

You can also opt to mix bits of fresh banana in their dog food when you serve this to them. They won’t refuse it because it has a pleasant taste and can even enhance the overall appeal of their food.

So go on and ask us again: Can I feed my dog bananas?

Our answer: Yes, yes, yes!

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