Dog Trivia Game Review

I would like to share with you something that I discovered while surfing the net. It’s a free games site and they have a lot of educational games there. Being a dog lover, I immediately looked for something that involve dogs and found the Dog Trivia game.

I think that all pet lovers will love this game. There are 10 questions and you need to answer these by picking from 4 choices. There’s a time limit too, so you’ll have to think fast.

Dog Trivia Game

Even if the site is dedicated to children’s educational games, I think adults will enjoy playing this game too. I enjoyed it; and the questions are really quite difficult, even for me.

So it’s really a challenging game, and that’s what I really like about it. One thing that I don’t like about it, however, is that it doesn’t give the right answers when you answer incorrectly. And when I started the game again, I got the same set of questions.

I think it would be nicer if there were more questions. And it would be more educational if the right answers are given too. So the way it works is that you’ll have to try and try to figure out the right answers by playing the game again and again until you get a perfect score.

Well, at my first attempt, I got 6 correct answers out of 10. And on my second attempt, I got 8 correct answers. Not bad, right? I’m hoping that I can get a perfect score the next time I try to play it.

I recommend visiting the site for more games. Note, however, that it’s more intended for children and not for adults.

Go to if you want to challenge yourself with some dog trivia. Do you know which breed of dog has blue tongue? Do you know what the largest breed of dog is? There are more challenging questions there, believe me!

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